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  • Our Services

    We Provide a Variety of Services

    Travel Planning; Event Planning; Scheduling; Research; Marketing; Transcription; Genealgical Services; Database Building and many more!

  • Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    Short term contracting.
    Professional services without any ties.
    Simple hourly rate structure enables you to keep a lid on costs.
    No contractual obligations - simply use us as and when you need us.
    No need to employ a secretary full time - let us take your administrative strain.
    Extremely cost effective.
    No long-term commitments or employment contracts to deal with.
    No expensive recruitment agency costs to deal with.

  • Virtual office assistant 101

    Virtual Office Assistant 101

    Don't think you need a Virtual Office Assistant? Thinking about investing in a Virtual Office Assistant, but not really sure how they can help? Here is the place to find not only the perfect Virtual Office Assistant, but also why you need one and what they can do for you.

    What is a Virtual Office Assistant?
    Virtual Office Assistant Myths
    Reasons You May Need a Virtual Office Assistant
    Cost of an Employee vs a Virtual Office Assistant

  • What Benefits You?

    What Benefits You?

    Imagine your life with an experienced administrative professional. Need someone to type your correspondence? We can! Need someone to handle your invoicing? We can! Our Virtual Office Assistants are here to help with all your time consuming personal and business administrative needs, leaving you free to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy. We provide a full range of secretarial and general administration services aimed at the busy executive, small business or private individual for whom discretion, efficiency, accuracy and value are important. And at prices that won’t break the bank. We have over 20 years experience in the administrative field and our professionals have worked for some of the major businesses in the Kansas City area.

    Are you a Media Professional and need someone with knowledge of the industry. We can help! Our assistants are well versed in the Broadcasting Industry. Need help with your Daily Traffic Log , Sales Presentations, Promotional Campaigns? We have the perfect Virtual Assistant for you!


Never fear your Virtual Office Assistant is here!

Is your office professional behind? Did you get that dreaded sick call this morning? Is the economy impacting your business and you just need help? Well never fear, a Virtual Office Assistant is right here. Give us a call, we can help! We work for one hour, one week, or even one month; you make the decision on how long you need us.